Clarion Collection Hotel Drott in Karlstad

You cannot find a hotel nearer to the Central Station in Karlstad than Clarion Collection Hotel Drott. Just cross the street and you are ready for check-in. It is a very priceworthy and pleasant hotel with a historic touch, a small relax area and as always at the Clarion Collection hotels, a complimentary ”fika” and dinner. All you need for a weekend away.

The room

What a surprisingly large room is our first thought when entering. It has room for two large armchairs and a desk. Two bathrobes are folded and placed on the double bed. It is nice to be able to change to swimwear in the room before going to the spa in bathrobes and slippers.

A modern mix with history

The bathroom

Recently refurbished, the bathroom is all white and shiny and spotless with nicely scented toiletries from Rituals. Simple but bright and a good size.

A recently refurbished bathroom

Breakfast and dinner area

The Clarion Collection hotels are known for modest prices and a generous food plan. Both breakfast and dinner are namely included in the room price. At Drott hotel, they also offer a yummy afternoon fika with coffee, tea, pastries and cookies. We have stayed at a few Clarion Collection hotels, but this one has by far the best food. Very tasty and plentiful and the area is quite cosy with a large glass roof letting in the daylight.

Breakfast and dinner in the atrium

Relaxation area

Clarion Collection Hotel Drott offers a small spa area with a large jacuzzi, two showers and a sauna. We spend hours here both nights and are almost alone all the time apart from chatting away with two nice ladies for an hour.

For opening hours, please check the hotel website.

Spa on the top floor

The summary

Quite simply, we can really recommend Clarion Collection Hotel Drott in Karlstad.

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