Hotel Flora boutique hotel in Gothenburg

It is a good choice to spend a weekend in Gothenburg, but so many hotels to choose from. Hotel Flora boutique hotel is a reasonably priced hotel Inom Vallgraven. Here is the review from First Morning travelblog.

Hotel Flora boutique hotel in Gothenburg

In the perfect location in Gothenburg city, Inom Vallgraven, Hotel Flora is within walking distance to most sights and must-dos. The pale pink building with the green copper roof on Grönsakstorget 2 has 70 rooms with sizes from Tiny to Extra Large.

Hotel Flora at Grönsakstorget 2 in Gothenburg

Our hotel room - size Medium

Our hotel room is medium in size and is a corner room with plenty of space for the two of us. The room has complimentary wifi, a flat-screen TV, 24h room service and a bar upon request. Thus, there is no minibar or fridge, but you are provided with an ice bucket if you choose to bring your own drinks.

Room size medium corner room

We sleep in a king size continental bed, 180 cm wide. The room has a small closet, a large mirror, two armchairs and a small table and a desk with cups and glasses. There is a coffee machine in the corridor or down at the reception area where they also serve biscuits.

King size bed

The bathroom

The bathroom has the smallest bathtub I’ve ever seen, but it has a huge advantage. It is right next to a window facing Vallgraven. I am not one for taking long, hot baths, but here I lie in the tub for over an hour as I can open the window for fresh air and a view. Also, the window sill is a perfect stand for the wine glass!

A bath with a view

The breakfast

The breakfast is served at Södra Larm Bar & Bistro, which is part of Hotel Flora. It offers a tasty start to the day with different kinds of eggs, juices, fruits, yoghurts and ham, cheese and bread. All you could ask for if your breakfast needs are quite basic. We certainly enjoyed it.

Breakfast att Södra Larm Bar & Bistro

The summary

Hotel Flora is a very good choice if you are looking for a hotel in the city centre. The hotel has character and charm and is well maintained. An extra plus for the short videos showing rooms of different sizes. We have of course our own room video to show you:

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