The location right next to Askersund harbour and the impressive Askersund landskyrka – a church from 1680 – are two good reasons to stay at Best Western Hotel Norra Vättern. We stay here one night on our Easter road trip between the grand lakes of Vättern and Vänern.

Best Western Hotel Norra Vättern in Askersund

Within walking distance, just five minutes really, from the city centre with restaurants around the square. On the other side of the bridge from the harbour and neighbour to the unusually large and magnificent rural church of Askersund. Needless to say, Best Western Hotel Norra Vättern in Askersund has a very good location.

The hotel is neighbour to Askersund Landskyrka (church)

The room

Our room at Best Western Hotel Norra Vättern is facing the water. It is quite small, but comfortable. The theme is marine life with quaint shipping details and colours. The one-story hotel building itself is rather uncharming, with long, seemingly neverending, corridors. However, the style of the rooms is quite fun.

Like sleeping in a sailing boat
The room has its own propeller...

The restaurant

We never make use of the restaurant at dinner. Only a few people are dining here at night. At breakfast, the adjacent and bigger room is used. It is not crowded at all and we can enjoy a quiet morning meal. The breakfast is like a normal hotel breakfast. Not so spectacular, but in lack of nothing. 

The dining room

The spa

The best thing about the hotel is the spa. It is included in the price and seems to be newly renovated. You can book the spa as an outside guest, so a tip is to make sure no large parties have a reservation when you plan to stay at the hotel. 

The men's shower room

The spa has a lounge area with tables and chairs. You can order food and drinks from the reception and they will bring them to you. There are three saunas, two small and one large. Behind the large sauna is the entrance to a room with a large indoor jacuzzi.

The indoor jacuzzi

There is also an outdoor jacuzzi with great views of the channel and the bridge over to the city centre and the harbour. We spend a long time in the outdoor jacuzzi although it is raining. 

The outdoor jacuzzi

In conclusion

Best Western hotels are not known for being luxurious. But overall, the quality of Best Western Hotel Norra Vättern is really good. We have a most pleasant stay with the spa being the highlight. The room is clean and comfortable and the location is splendid. You can charge your EV in the parking lot next to the church or at the harbour. 

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