Binh Duong 2 Hotel, Hué, Vietnam

Binh Duong 2 Hotel in Hué in Vietnam is a very basic hotel. It is also quite cheap, so if you are on a budget, this will certainly do. Although a bit far from the walking street, if that is your thing, it lies in a interesting neighbourhood with lots of local shops and restaurants. The hotel staff is very pleasant and helpful.

Hotel entrance

The room we stay in, a large room with two beds, is clean, but the interior clearly dates from a few decades ago. There is a balcony overlooking the street below; the two armchairs are broken and quite uncomfortable. The fridge works perfectly and keeps the drinks cold . There is a wardrobe that can be locked which is convenient as there is no safety box. The bathroom is quite small for such a large room and has a small bathtub. The AC works just fine, there is a TV which we never use and the bed is quite comfortable. In all, if you are looking for a place to sleep for a night or two, Binh Duong 2 Hotel will do just fine.

Two large beds in a huge room
Nicely sized balcony, but the furniture could be updated

Looking for a hotel in Laos? Look no further!

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