Day Waterfront Hotel Chiang Khong

Day Waterfront Hotel is, as the name suggests, overlooking the river. 50 meters above the city street which has a varied selection of small and cheap restaurants. The lady and the man running the hotel are nice, very informative and updated about everything. We are going on a cruise along the Mekong River into Laos the next day, so the cruise company has left all necessary papers for our exit from Thailand and entry/visa to Laos. Day Waterfront are sure to explain the procedure to us which is most appreciated.

The hotel is old and worn and in need of renovation. The chairs are falling apart, the wardrobe is broken and most things are loose. But it’s clean and tidy. There are AC, kettle, fridge and hygiene items. Three bottles of water are included. The room is large and the balcony equally so with tables, chairs and nice views of the Mekong River. The breakfast is very simple with tea, coffee, toast and some Thai snacks. It is consumed outdoors at sunrise. A little cold to sit outdoors while we’re there. Simple but functional accommodation for one or two nights.

Day Waterfront Hotel in Chiang Khong
View of the Mekong River

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