Guilin: Hampton by Hilton Xiufeng

There are two hotels named Hampton by Hilton in Guilin, China. We are staying at Hampton by Hilton Xieufeng which is not to be found on Google Maps. This hotel is closer to the city centre and the lakes, but that does not really mean that it is close at all. Guilin is huge with a population of five million. You need a car or a motorbike to get around. We are not too fond of Guilin.

Map Hampton by Hilton Xieufeng, Guilin, China, Kina
Hampton by Hilton Xiufeng is not on Google Maps

The room on the 12th floor is huge, has large windows from floor to ceiling and a view of the the tall residential buildings on the opposite side of he street. You get a glimpse of the mountains between them. This is a room for relaxation!

Totally relaxed

There are loads of restaurants and shops around the hotel, but we cannot find a restaurant to our liking. Perhaps it is that we are not used to having to choose a restaurant by ourselves in China, up until now our guide has been choosing for us. If not even the staff at Hilton speak English, we doubt that they do elsewhere. So, we chicken out and have our dinner at the restaurant at the hotel. Which is very good, but we are nearly all alone in the huge restaurant which is quite dull. The staff can speak just a few words of English and does not know how to open a bottle of wine, but our waiter is very nice and quick.

Some kind of udon noodle soup, very tasty

Normally, the hotel breakfast is a nice way to start the day. But not at Hampton by Hilton Xiufeng. It starts with the elevator being occupied by hundreds of Indian tourists checking out all at the same time. We have to take the stairs 12 stories down.

In the restaurant there is chaos. People are running around, the food is all run out, the staff is unorganized and not helpful. The buffet breakfast is huge but not fresh at all. And when we finally get a table, all that we have time to eat is one egg and some orange juice. ONE egg! The breakfast is the reason we give this hotel only three stars. 

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2 Svar på “Guilin: Hampton by Hilton Xiufeng”

  1. Hotellet är överdrivet dyrt och du har betalat för mycket för det. Jag bor i Hangzhou, som är en storstad, och precis bredvid mitt hem finns ett Hampton-hotell med utsikt över Asian Games Olympia. Det kostar runt 600 RMB per natt, inklusive en mycket fin frukost.

    Dessutom har jag varit i Guilin minst fem gånger, och där har jag aldrig betalat mer än 400 RMB per natt. Jag har bott mitt i stan med mycket fin inredning.

    Till nästa gång försök att boka hotell via appar.

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