Jasmine Hotel, Luang Prabang, Laos

The walls are paper thin! A school opposite with loud children from morning until afternoon. Would not like to be a teacher at that school. Next door our hotel neighbour is coughing his guts out and I suppose his entire bathroom must be covered in phlem. Were we able to speak Chinese we would’ve heard whole conversations by know.  When someone flicks a switch it’s like it’s right by your ear. It’s literally like we’re all a big family gathering in someones living room. The doors and windows slam heavily; when someone showers – we are all showering.

Jasmine Luang Prabang Hotel, Laos

The breakfast is ok with plenty of fruit, bread for toasting, eggs, tea and, for coffee lovers, i.e. not me, great tasting coffee. 

The room has a fridge, safety box, hairdryer, quite good storage, a kettle, free water, AC and a fan. The toilet is separate. The sink is in the shower room. Again, very inconvenient, as the floor gets soaking wet. 

The cleaning is awful. I actually can’t see that any cleaning has been done apart from (half)making the beds and folding towels. There are still hair and dirt from our shoes on the floor. And hair in the shower. Yuck, please remove!

Superior Twin Room

But, on the positive side, the young men at the reception are very friendly and always seem to be working. They always greet you with a smile, a hello and how are you? They are the joy of Jasmine Luang Prabang.

There is a pool, which is nice, but it’s freezing cold and always in the shadow.

The location of the hotel is the best about it, just a few hundred meters to the night market, but I would still choose another hotel when staying in Luang Prabang.

Chill pool

Final note: We buy a minivan transfer from our hotel to the waterfalls at Kuang Si. Which, I guess, is bought from a transport company. The Jasmine should want to consider changing to another company. When all seats are filled in the minivan the driver gets two hamp stools to squeeze another two seats in. Stools! Hello, no safety belts!? Well to be honest, half of the safety belts in the minivan don’t work to begin with, but still. No back rest, nearly sittning on top of the person next to you, one hour in an awkward and highly unsafe position in a minivan that flies through curves and passes other cars when the visability is equal to none. Extremely dangerous. The driver is living his childhood dream of becoming a formula 1 driver? Forgot that the lives of 17! persons are in his hand? I paid for a ride to the waterfalls, not to be killed on the Lao countryside in a car crash. 50 000 kip is cheap, but be aware that you need to pay nother 20 000 for the entrance ticket separately. 

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