Hotell Nordic in Norrköping

Although Hotell Nordic in Norrköping is not located in the immediate city centre, it is a good choice for a weekend stay in. It lies within a 5-minute walk from the train and bus station and 15 minutes from the city centre and Motala ström. The spa area is why we choose to book two nights at Hotell Nordic in Norrköping for a weekend getaway.

Hotell Nordic in Norrköping

Hotell Nordic looks nothing like a hotel at first sight. The entrance is not facing the street, but the parking lot. There is a large outdoor seating area next to the entrance. The views are not great though, next to a petrol station, opposite the gigantic concrete police station, the hotel lies along Stockholmsvägen, a road that connects Norrköping to highway 4. Oh, I must not forget to mention that the railroad runs right behind the hotel. But to our surprise, all this is forgotten once you enter Hotell Nordic.

Hotell Nordic in Norrköping

The lobby is small but cosy. I love the green tiles of the reception desk and the electric fireplace in the brick wall. It gives a homely feeling. You just want to snuggle up in one of the armchairs under a fluffy blanket with a good book and a glass of red wine. The young woman at the front desk is cheerful and welcoming.

Such a cozy lobby!

The breakfast

The breakfast is included in the price, and we get to choose a time when we want to have it in the morning. A good way to ensure it does not get too crowded. The breakfast is a buffet, and it is a good one. All you want really: yoghurt with chopped fruits and cereals, bread rolls and loaves, all types of spreads and cold cuts, scrambled and boiled eggs, pancakes, jams and marmalades and plenty more. They even serve freshly baked cinnamon buns on the cinnamon bun’s Day! The staff should, however, pay a bit more attention to when things start to run out. We have to make them aware of this not once but twice. We should not need to.

The restaurant serves dinner as well, but we never eat here. It seems popular, though.

The restaurant

The room

Our room is a double room which seems newly renovated. There are actually renovations going on at the hotel, but we never notice it. The window faces a gloomy back yard and the railroad. We hear a few trains in the morning when the window is open, but none at night, so there is no disturbance. The room is dead quiet.

The bed is really comfortable, the bathroom is a good size and the minibar well stocked and not too expensive. The only thing we can complain about it that the air is a bit stuffy. There are a heater and a fan in the room, but no AC. We suspect that the room gets cold in the winter and very warm in the summer?

For a good night's sleep

The spa

For a hotel resident, a two-hour visit to the spa will cost you 80 SEK. It is well worth it. The capacity is limited to 20 guests. We use the spa after 20.00 CET and are joined by a maximum of eight others on Friday night, but on Saturday night we are practically solo. There is a jacuzzi, a swimming pool with jetstream, sauna and steam sauna, a cold pool, relax area and three massage chairs. You can order drinks through an intercom. The spa is open 10.00-22.00 CET. After 18.00 there is an 18-year-old age limit.

Making new acquaintances

The summary

We really like Hotell Nordic in Norrköping and will not hesitate to recommend it. It is ideally situated if arriving by train or car. And the short walk through perhaps not the most exciting area to get to the city centre is well worth it as the spa is so rewarding after a long day exploring the city. This is a First Morning four-star stay!

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