Longlife Riverside Hotel, Hoi An, Vietnam

We have booked a room with a balcony facing the city at Longlife Riverside Hotel. We are given a dark room on the lowest floor with no balcony and small windows facing the pool. We complain. So we are upgraded to the best room in the hotel and we are very, very satisfied. This is a huge room on the top floor with a balcony facing the pool. There is refurbishment going on in the hotel so the room that we booked on Agoda smells of drying paint. Hence the upgrade. But why try to give us a worse room first?

Nice sitting area and balcony

Longlife Riverside Hotel has of the best hotel breakfasts I have ever had. Lots of fruit, an egg station, fresh springrolls. Lots to choose from.

On our last night at the hotel we suddenly hear this banging noise coming from a compartment outside one of the windows in the bedroom. It starts every ten minutes and goes on for five minutes. It is impossible to sleep to this noise. The reception is closed. We manage to find a sleeping security guard. He wakes up a young girl who tries very hard to help us by giving us another room for the night.

Towel art

The first room she shows us is right below our original room and has the same banging noise. The second room reeks of drying paint. I suppose this was the room we booked and paid for on Agoda. The third room is so damp that you could probably grow mushrooms on the walls and in the bed. I try sleeping there like five seconds then I give up and go up to our original room again. Pda stays in the third room. Somewhere around perhaps four o’clock in the morning, I manage to get some sleep with my earplugs in.

A jacuzzi without bubbles

The next morning is a traveling day for us, so it’s so nice to have a full nights rest and wake up refreshed and all… We want a discount for our last night. The girl in the reception can only offer us a discount on the taxi to the train station. 50 000 Duong. 20 SEK. Outrageous. We will need to e-mail the manager. As we check out, they still haven’t fixed the banging AC.

Longlife Riverside Hotel pretends to be more than it is. Scratch on the surface and you will find a lot of malfunctions. Like having a jacuzzi in your room that doesn’t work. As perfectly situated as it is, I still would recommend staying at another hotel in Hoi An.

A cold pool mostly in the shadow all day

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