Rock Sand Resort Koh Chang Thailand

After staying in the lovely, but very wallet-friendly, Pen’s Bungalows, we feel it’s time to upgrade a notch. Thus we book 7 nights at Rock Sand Resort Koh Chang Thailand. The question, however, is: although more expensive, is it truly an upgrade?

Rock Sand Resort Koh Chang Thailand is a simple and, to a certain extent, rather well kept hotel at the northern tip of White Sand Beach on Koh Chang. The room has a decent size with lots of storage, a small refrigerator and a small safety box (not big enough for a laptop). The bathroom has a shower with decent water pressure, a very small sink, but has a build-in shelf with plenty of space for all beauty amenities. There is no hair dryer and the shampoo and shower gel is never restocked.

The air condition is quite efficient. And not placed directly facing the bed. Someone thought this through! But as the temperature suddenly drops like 10 degrees Celsius one day, the room becomes quite cold at night, so no AC is necessary. We ask for a blanket and are given a duvet that reeks of perfume. Cannot use that. So we try to use the AC as a heater cranking it up to 30 degrees, but that does not work either.

The room comes with a large terrace which is shared by the three rooms in this building we are staying in. It has a stunning sea view and in the early mornings and during sun down the roofs and trees nearby are crowded with monkeys. Small, grey makaks looking for food. So watch out, don’t leave anything edible outside!

A room with a great view
The terrace comes with your monkey of choice

Rock Sand resort is perched on a cliff just above the sea. Most rooms come with great sea views. The beach just to the north of the hotel is ok, but the beach and water is better just 100 meters south from here. We find this northern part of White Sand Beach to be the best. It is calm, beautiful and has some rustic and charming hotels and restaurants.

The restaurant at Rock Sand resort is also ok. However, they charge an extra 10% for tax and service charges. No other restaurants has these extra charges. I suggest to eat elsewhere, there are 5 other restaurants just on this tiny stretch of the beach. Breakfast, however, is tasty, generous and included in the room price.

The beach at Rock Sand resort nearly disappears during flow
The breakfast is really tasty

We like our room at Rock Sand Resort and the view from it. But there is some kind of awful stench coming from the kitchen. Some days fish, other days just old garbage bags and today it smells like puke. As you pass the kitchen and staff area when going to/coming from the beach, you see rubbish and old food on plates. Beach towels in piles are not washed for days. The staff is resting with their feet up on the same table that has a sack of garlic on it that they use for cooking. Sanitary rules do not seem to apply here. I try to sit in the restaurant one day writing, but the foul stench drives me away. No chance of me getting a massage here either as the massage area is directly above the kitchen. There is absolutely nothing relaxing about fighting the urge to puke while getting a rubdown.

The free wi-fi is useless during the days and evenings. It seems to be more used by the staff than by the guests, which could be an explanation.

We hear that the lease is about to expire for those running Rock Sand Resort, so perhaps they are sort of letting go of the place. But hey, there are still customers here expecting basic cleanliness without the touch of garbage odour. So, no this is not an upgrade. Please consider booking another hotel for your stay at White Sand Beach at Koh Chang. This is not worth the money.

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