Admiral Suites Bangkok

In Bangkok it is best to live near communications because of the size of the city. After hours of searching for a hotel with a pool to a budget friendly price, we finally book Admiral Suites Bangkok. And we are very happy we did.

Admiral Suites Bangkok is a simple but well kept apartment hotel in Sukhumvit. The room is large and has a small kitchen with water boiler, a microwave, a huge refrigerator and a basic set of kitchenware for two. The bathroom has a bathtub and a sink with plenty of space for all beauty amenities. Strangely enough though, there is no hair dryer.

The room has a small table with two chairs, a large closet, a desk and a large empty book case. A lot of places to put away/down your stuff that is. The air condition is extremely efficient. And extremely noisy. It becomes too cold to have it running all night, but also too stuffy to keep it off. There is no remote control which is very unfortunate as you have to get up several times during the night to switch it off/on. Could someone just please invent the perfect AC?

Superior Studio with Balcony

There is a small balcony without furniture, but with a drying rack, overlooking a trashy backyard. We do not know whether they are tearing the adjacent building down or re-builing it. Anyway, there are people living in those buildings that would seem unfit to live in by our standards. It brings perspective. We appreciate staying at these hotels that give you a glimpse of the ordinary life of a city’s citizens rather than staying at a luxury hotel.

View from the balcony. Real life.

We are staying on the 5th floor and on the same floor there is a wonderful swimming pool, a gym and a laundry self service (using coins). It is such a treat to be able to sink your body down into the luke warm water after a hot day on the town. There is even a jucuzzi part in one of the corners of the pool.

Admiral Suites Bangkok is surrounded by much higher buildings and hotels with, presumably, much bigger pools with much better views, but we love this rooftop pool. It has charm. All the cracks in the pool repaired with white plaster is so tacky, yet so quaint. However, please upgrade the rickety sunbeds and add a few more. Three are simply not enough for 62 rooms.

Lovely rooftop pool

We love Admiral Suites Bangkok. It sits in an interesting neighbourhood with lots of things going on. Good local restaurants, a lot of street vendors and food stalls, cheap massage (no sex!) and 7/11’s everywhere. A 15 minute walk to the nearest metro station. But taxis are very cheap we noticed on our last day in Bangkok..

So, consider staying at Admiral Suites Bangkok. The price is so right, the location is good, the staff is  super polite and friendly and the street is a great oppurtunity to get a feel for the real Bangkok. Touristy, yes, but at the same time very local. Bangkok style.

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