Borensbergs Gästgivaregård

Borensbergs Gästgivaregård is a bed & breakfast in Borensberg, a small community in Östergötland county. Borensberg lies along the Swedish canal Göta Kanal and is a perfect place to spend a night if cycling or walking along the canal. We choose to stay one night at Borensbergs Gästgivaregård while cycling from Bergs slussar one windy summer’s day in July.

Borensbergs Gästgivaregård/ The Inn of Borensberg

The inn of Borensberg was granted a letter of privileges from the Swedish king Karl IX in 1691, and could then call itself Gästgivaregård (Inn) and offer food, drink, board and new and fresh horses to its passing guests. You find it just across the bridge when entering Borensberg from the south, crossing both Göta Kanal and Motala Ström.

The Inn of Borensberg
The entrance to the inn's courtyard. And one happy cyclist.

The hotel room in the annex

Today, this bed & breakfast offers eight double rooms, with shared WC and shower in the corridor, and one junior suite. We have booked a double room, but due to corona, we are given a newly renovated double room with private WC and shower in the annex. Such well-adjusted hospitality! The annex is said to be one of the oldest builings in Borensberg. It certainly is charming.

The annex. Our room is on the left side by the two black lamps.

Our room is a good size with a really comfortable bed, two bedside tables, two armchairs, a small table and a tv. There is no refrigerator, which is always something we look for when booking a hotel room. A small basket is placed on the window sill containing wine glasses and a corkscrew. Such a small thing, but a very appreciated gesture. The bathroom is nearly as big as the hotel room, but has no window and is quite dark.

Stylish and new

Restaurant and breakfast

Borensbergs Gästgivaregård lies beautifully by the waters of Motala Ström. The restaurant, Gästis, has a large outdoor patio just by the stream. Unfortunately, it is closed when we are here. Quite strange to close a restaurant when the summer holidays have just started. It seems to have opened again, at least for lunch, when writing this (in September 2020). The restaurant and the B&B are run by different owners and are thus separate enteties.

The restaurant overlooks the water

Breakfast is served in the main building of Borensbergs Gästgivaregård. It usually consists of a buffet, but is pre-packed on our stay. It is nothing special and could have been a bit more substantial, but these corona times are indeed strange times and you cannot be too picky. The paper bags have hand written greetings on them and contain eggs, juice, fruit, sandwiches, yoghurt and even a small tube of Kalles caviar. Cute!

Pre-packed corona breakfast


All in all, we have a good stay at Borensbergs Gästgivaregård and can recommend it if you are looking for a quiet stay. The bed & breakfast is clean and modern to  a moderate price. Borensberg has a camping, a few more hotels and hostels, restaurants and cafés and is definately worth a visit in combination with Göta Kanal.

View from the bridge

For up-to-date events, please check the Facebook page for Borensbergs Gästgivaregård.

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