Fredriksborg Hotell, Värmdö – elegant simplicity and views to die for

The view from the garden and our hotel room at Fredriksborg Hotell is stunning. The narrow passageway of Oxdjupet and the green, lush hill of fortress Oskar Fredriksborg on the opposite side; the passenger ferries passing by, so near that you want to reach out and touch them. The glittering waters, the drinks, the food, the welcoming owners and staff.  On the island of Värmdö, just a short trip from the city of Stockholm. A relaxing weekend getaway and a bit of paradise – Fredriksborg Hotell.

Fredriksborg Hotell

Fredriksborg Hotell is located at Oxdjupet between Rindö and Värmdö; a historical site of strategic importance. The narrow passageway was the only waterway for large vessels to and from Stockholm. The fortress of Fredriksborg from 1735, was built to defend the inlet to Stockholm.

The stone barracks and the old officers building of Fredriksborg fortress is now a hotel. A hotel with a personal touch. Charming and modern with a lot of TLC. Owners Jessika and Pontus have run the hotel since 2017. They are the most active owners; Jessika greets us in the reception, and we see Pontus hurrying away in the kitchen. Their hard work and everyday presence have paid off. Fredriksborg Hotell is certainly a hotel with a personal touch and that rare home-away-from-home feeling. And the views, the restaurant and the hospitality are top class.

Fredriksborg Hotell - main building, the stone barracks
Five rooms with sun terrace, the officers buidling

How to get here

You can get to Fredriksborg Hotell in numerous ways. The easiest way is by car. But if like us you don’t have a car, it’s still quite easy to get to the hotel and the island of Värmdö. We take bus no 688 from Vaxholm, which crosses the waters to Rindö on a short car ferry ride, runs the length of Rindö island to the berth of the car ferry to Värmdö. Bus stop Oskar-Fredriksborg. See the bus route here. We board the ferry on foot and, just five minutes later, we arrive in Värmdö. Both car ferries are free. For bus ticket prices and purchase, visit

Arriving in Värrmdö, it’s a 10-minute walk to the hotel. Just follow the signs and slightly keep to your left up a gravel road. Keeping left at the crossing, going forward through the woods, you will soon see the parking lot of the hotel to your left.

If arriving from Stockholm, you can also take bus no. 439 from Slussen and get off at Stenslätten, which is the end of the line. The walk from here is the same as when arriving by ferry. Read here for directions when driving.

Car ferries take you from Vaxholm via Rindö to Värmdö

The room

The 15 rooms of Fredriksborg Hotell all have first names. Our hotel room is called Tage. A small and cosy attic room with a round nautical window facing Oxdjupet. The room is surprisingly bright for having such a small window. It has a desk, a chair, an armchair, a mirror and a charming rhinoceros guarding the window.

The room does not come with an air conditioner, but there is a fan. The bathroom is a nice size and has beauty products with a scent that even a person most sensitive to allergies can use. A big plus for having hair conditioner and a hairdryer! And bathrobes felt like a luxurious treat.

Room Tage, one of two attic rooms

The bed is super comfy, and the linen smell fresh and crispy. I immediately fall asleep as soon as my head touches the pillow and wake up as refreshed as never before. And I am not one who usually feel fresh and alert when waking up. More the zombie style to be honest. But knowing we have a breakfast ahead of us in this inspiring place is a good reason for getting out of bed. Not that I wouldn’t like good sleep-in. But breakfast calls!

Incredibly comfortable beds


The breakfast buffet is plentiful and has all you could wish for. And more. Freshly pressed orange juice, energy shots filled with vitamins, home-baked bread, pancakes, cheese and ham, marmalades, croissants, yoghurt and cereals and of course tea and coffee. The list goes on. And it’s yummy.

Part of the breakfast buffet. All a Scandinavian could ask for. And more.
Orange juice and energy shots. All freshly made.

The best thing is to eat your breakfast sitting outside in the back garden looking out across the glittering blue sea. The fortress’ tower in the background sets you in the right historical mood and takes you back a few centuries. Pontus gives an interesting and informative guided tour of the tower each day which we highly recommend.

What a way to start the day - outdoor breakfast in the morning sun


In our one-night weekend package, a three-course dinner is included. We get to choose from a very Scandinavian menu packed with delicious meals. After some consideration, we both go for the fish for our main course. It is perfectly cooked. They have a wizard in the kitchen for sure.

Perfectly cooked

Why you should come here

If you are looking for relaxation and quality throughout, this is the place for you. The room, the food, the surroundings, the service mind, the reasonable prices, the simple elegance and the friendly feeling. We could go on. But instead, please visit Fredriksborg Hotell and make it your own experience. You won’t regret it in a million years.

Book directly with Fredriksborg Hotell here.
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