Le Grand Pakbeng Laos

This is partly a sponsored post by Nagi of Mekong

After a cruise on the Mekong River this is the place to lay down your head and rest. Le Grand Pakbeng Laos offers spectacular views over the river and the surrounding landscape in Pakbeng, Laos. It is simply breathtaking.

We are cruising the Mekong River between Huay Xai and Luang Prabang in Laos with Nagi of Mekong. Upgraded to Le Grand Pakbeng we spend one night at this fabulous hotel. One night is however not enough. We want to stay here forever.

Le Grand Pakbeng seen from the Mekong River
The lobby and restaurant of Le Grand Pakbeng

Our room is huge with large panoramic windows overlooking the river. You can even take a shower with the blinds up to get a shower with a view, but that would maybe be a bit too much for the other hotel guests so we refrain from it. The bed is beautiful and extremely comfortable. Like sleeping in the clouds.

Sleep like royalty
The bathroom
A shower with a view. And what a view!

The hotel is a bit too far from the village so we cannot walk there after sunset. Thus we are having dinner at the restaurant of Le Grand Pakbeng. Although the food is nothing spectacular the ambiance is superb and the dinner is very enjoyable. The staff is very polite and attentive.

The staff would need a separate chapter. We are not used to staying at these kind of upscale hotels, and when we occasionally do, we feel quite comfortable at having the staff nearly acting a servants. At Le Grand Pakbeng we didn’t really notice the staff, they were so subtle, but whenever we needed something they were there at a blink. Always smiling and doing their very best.

This pool!

The hotel is owned by a man from Laos and 2019 has been quite slow compared to last year, when they had the grand opening. Most guests are staying for just one night as they are part of the package tours that cruises the Mekong River. This is such a shame. People need to stay more than one night at this great hotel, it so deserves it.

So whenever in Pakbeng, be sure to reserve at least two nights at Le Grand Pakbeng to fully enjoy the infinity pool, the spectacular views, the elephants coming down to the river for water at seven o’clock in the morning. Or you can just lie in bed all day enjoying your room. We would.

Hotel video

Bonus video

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