Rome: Guest House 64

When looking for a place to stay in Rome, a hotel near Termini Station is always a good choice. Now, the area around the train station can be a bit rough around the edges, but let not this scare you away from a perfect location to explore the eternal city. On our last trip to Rome, as part of a cruise with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, we chose to stay at Guest House 64, a charming bed and breakfast within walking distance to most sights in Rome.

Guest House 64 is located on a quiet street within five minutes walking distance from Termini. There are lots of small shops and a few restaurants nearby. We had lunch at the restaurant just outside the front door, but would not recommend it as we found the food quite dull and uninspired.

The front door is a massive wooden door leading into a square courtyard. Just ring the doorbell to be let in.

The entrance to the courtyard

Once inside the courtyard, walk straight ahead and ring another doorbell to enter the building and then take the lift up to the fourth floor. There was a woman in the reception when we arrived who opened the door to the BnB, but we had been informed there would not be a manned reception after 1 pm.  If that is the case, you will most likely receive a message stating how you can enter the house by having all the doors opened remotely by the owner.

The courtyard

This simple, but charming bed and breakfast has four rooms in one apartment and another four or so rooms in the opposite apartment. We are given room no. 1 right next to the reception desk. It is a small room with a large and comfortable bed, an open cupboard for storage, a desk, a small round table with two chairs and a small bathroom with a tiny shower. The window opens up to no view at all, just the next door building. 

The lobby of Guest House 64

You order your own breakfast by choosing what you want to eat from a breakfast menu. Scribble it down on a piece of paper and state what time you want it served to your room and then stick it to the hook outside your door. It was a relaxing way to have breakfast and, although quite simple, it tasted very nice after an early morning walk through the city. Also, there is a coffee machine in the lobby and a jar of cookies in the room which is a welcoming gesture.

Cute breakfast at Guest House 64

We only stayed one night at Guest House 64, but will not hesitate to recommend it if you are looking for a cheap accommodation close to Termini and the most common places of interest in Rome.
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