Tunxi: Tiandu International Hotel

After our two nights at the not so good hotel Tunxi Lodge, read our review here, we switch hotels to the much more modern Tiandu International Hotel. This is a huge hotel in a modern part of the city of Huangshan, but still in the district of Tunxi. The surroundings are completely different though. The hotel lies directly onto the large Tiandu Avenue which leads from China National Highway 205 straight down to Xin’an River.

Our room is not satisfactory at this hotel either, even though we have a large balcony, which had not been cleaned in ages and is covered in soot, with quite the view, but it is mainly overlooking rows of grey buildings and roofs. The room is worn and smells of cigarettes. There is even some ash left on the carpet, so one might think cleaning is not a priority here. The bed is comfortable and the bathroom is ok, but that is it.

The breakfast is 99% Chinese. They fry eggs and noodles on demand, but have no cold options such as milk, youghurt or fruit. The breakfast room is huge, but almost all the seats are taken due to large groups of Chinese tourists so it is rather noisy and crowded. We cannot find much to eat and can’t wait to leave.

View from the sooty balcony of Tiandu International Hotel

For one night, Tiandu International Hotel, might do. We can’t really understand the ”International” part of the name, as it strikes us as being totally Chinese, but that is another question. If you go out at night, there are quite a few Hot Pot restaurants nearby. And don’t miss the neon lit bridge down by the river. It is spectacular! (It is not the bridge in the head picture by the way, that is a completely different bridge).

Tiandu International Hotel, huge and quite ugly to be frank
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