Floral Hotel Michael’s House in Beijing

During our three week long journey through China from south to north, we stayed three nights at Floral Hotel Michael’s House in Beijing. A welcoming oasis in a residential area far from the busy streets of the capital.

Our first night is spent in the deluxe double suite as in the film below. A nicely sized room with a marvelous bed and a small lounge part. The next day we were moved to a double room, which was also what we had paid for, so no objections there. This room was tiny with no room for two large suitcases, but the overall standard was very good.

Mind you, the walls are very thin and the windows face the courtyard, so there can be quite some loud voices coming in from the reception area outside. Consideration to other guests cannot be empathized enough.

The hotel lies in one of Beijing’s hutongs. Having a courtyard in a hutong was the dream of owner Michael and his wife for many years. In 2005 they stumbled upon this courtyard then filled with offices and converted it into a boutique hotel. Thanks to building a roof over the courtyard, it can be used as a common area.

The breakfast is served in the courtyard. Although the breakfast could be improved, it gives us a nice start each morning to sit in the cozy and nicely decorated courtyard having our tea and yoghurt.

Floral Hotel Michael's House in Bejing

The girls at the front desk are very polite and helpful. When leaving early before breakfast is served they give us breakfast to go in a small bag. 

We found a nice restaurant serving roast duck in the neighbourhood, Jinbaiwan Roast Duck. Ask the girls at the hotel reception for directions.

Breakfast in a hutong courtyard

Although a bit far out of the city center, we really enjoyed our stay at Floral Hotel Michael’s House in Bejing. It takes a good 20 minutes to walk to the nearest metro station, Jishuitan,  and walking to the beginning of the lakes north of the Forbidden City takes about one hour. But the ambiance of the hotel makes it a good choice if you are looking for a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the city center.

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