PuSu Jade Boutique Hotel in Xi’an

We want to stay at PuSu Jade Boutique Hotel in Xi’an because it looks like a cozy hotel very near to the city wall of Xi’an. And yes, it is very close to the wall. But this is the only good feature about this so called boutique hotel. And not, there is nothing boutique about it either, more like a hostel. A bad one.

It looks good on the surface, but if you scratch below it you will probably experience one of the worst hotels you’ll ever stay at. At least, this is our worst hotel experience to this date.

Close to the city wall

The breakfast. Or rather the ”breakfast”. It is truly a joke. But you certainly do not feel like laughing early in the morning when you realize that all there is to fill your empty stomach is a boiled egg. A dry and black and extremely hard boiled egg. You could kill a person with this egg. There is bread to be toasted, but no toaster. There is no butter and no marmalade. No yogurt, milk or juice. The tea tastes of coffee. All there is is three bowls of something Chinese. I doubt even a local would know what it is. The second day there is not even bread on the table. We ask why. The answer is: we did not buy any bread today…

Cool facade at least

Our room is directly above a bar. There is no one in the bar. There is still loud music coming from the bar. Fortunately, they turn it off around midnight. I guess the staff went home. 

Our room looks pretty at first sight. At second sight it is dirty. Hairs from other people on the floor, dust bunnies under the bed, sofa and in the corners. And everything hangs loose. Don’t twist the water faucet too hard or it will come off in your hand. The walls seem made of thin paper. A five centimeter gap between the door and the floor lets in unwanted light at night. 

The hotel street as seen from the city wall

The reception/breakfast area is home to a barking dog, caged birds and some smelly cats. Oh, and a rancid stench of cat urine. No place for people with allergies. Quite unhygienic . The staff is as attentive and alert as zombies. 

We do like the location of PuSu Jade Boutique Hotel in Xi’an. The proximity to the city wall and the local scene is good, but not enough to justify a stay. So please stay away.


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