The spa at Kurorten Mösseberg – health resort and spa, is what draws us to this hotel. Plus a quite priceworthy hotel deal over the Easter weekend including a three-course dinner. Mösseberg claims to be”the best choice possible if you are looking for a hotel beyond the usual”. Do we agree?

Kurorten Mösseberg - health resort and spa in Falköping

The health and spa resort of Mösseberg on the outskirts of Falköping has welcomed guests for over a century. The health resort was built in 1904. The hotel’s main building has 39 rooms of which 2 are suites and 3 are historical rooms. The style of the hotel rooms varies from the early 20th century to the present. The Park Villa is an annexe with 9 double rooms and 6 singles.

The main building of Kurorten Mösseberg

You can certainly feel the historical aura surrounding Mösseberg. The main building is beautiful in sophisticated beige and white with an impressive green copper roof. The restaurant and the adjacent Jugendhalls are decorated with sheer curtains and art nouveau furniture.

Our package deal includes a three-course dinner. We arrive at the restaurant on schedule but are shown to our table 45 minutes later. Quite outrageous. The menu is set, presented to us and we order drinks. The first course arrives after one hour. It is bland and nothing special. The main course is salty and the fish is overcooked, lukewarm and dry. The dessert is ice cream from the grocery store. Had we not been so relaxed and satisfied from our spa session prior to dinner, this would have been a true disaster. Now, all we do is shrug our shoulders and giggle. At least the wine package is great.

Beautiful art noveau

The room

Our room is a Queen double room. It has a balcony, so perhaps we are being upgraded. A balcony was not in the description of the room we booked. The room is small, but sufficient, and has a pleasant and romantic style. It comes with bathrobes and slippers so that we may get changed in our room before going to the spa.

Queen double room

The room feels bright and airy due to the balcony. However, there is no mini bar, or fridge, no safety box, and the glasses are made from plastic. This is not to be expected in a luxury spa resort. 

The balcony and the bed

The spa

The spa at Kurorten Mösseberg is not included in our package deal. It costs 600 SEK extra per person. Needless to say, we have high expectations of the spa. And although it lacks a jacuzzi, every renowned spa should have at least one jacuzzi, the quality is very good. As you receive a time slot of two hours, we share the spa with a maximum of 10 other guests.

The swimming pool
Water to keep us hydrated

We share one of the outdoor hot springs once with another couple, otherwise, we are by ourselves wherever we go. We enjoy our free welcome drink in the warm water and are starting to feel very relaxed indeed. The outdoor space is Japanese inspired with wooden floors, bamboo walls, grey stone and stylish concrete. The soft music in the background, the blue skies and the crisp spring air make a perfect surrounding. 

The outdoor hot springs
Sauna and relax room with foot bath

Indoors there are one large swimming pool and two smaller hot springs, the Deep and the Shallow, along with showers and saunas. There is a spa reception where you can buy a shrimp sandwich or Ceasar salad. Drinks available are beer, cider, wine and non-alcoholic drinks. The spa menu could be upgraded to match the otherwise splendid spa.

One of two indoor hot springs

Mösseberg Park

With Kurorten Mösseberg – health resort and spa at the top, Mösseberg Park lies at the bottom of the area of Mösseberg. This is a large and lush park with many beautiful wooden houses from when the health resort was first opened in 1867.  Read more about the park’s history here.

Mösseberg park

In conclusion

The dinner at Kurorten Mösseberg – health resort and spa is a disaster. The restaurant is not full, so there must have been a shortage of staff. Still, we cannot recommend having dinner at this hotel. In fact, we are not sure if we recommend staying here at all. Perhaps there are other hotels in Falköping? For a spa experience, however, it is very nice. Consider going on a weekday when the price is much lower. For day spa only, see prices and packages here.

Mösseberg has not yet installed charging poles for EVs but has a power outlet which can be used for private vehicles, though not rentals.

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