Yangshuo: Bamboo Leaf Hotel

The third hotel that we check in to on our great China trip is hotel Bamboo Leaf. This is a truly a great hotel! It is situated a bit outside of the city of Yangshuo, in the countryside, surrounded by the beautiful, green, fairytale karst mountains. When in Yangshuo, this is where you’d want to stay.

Our double room is huge. A dreamy large double bed with a fluffy duvet and firm, yet very comfortable pillows. A large balcony overlooking the pool and the mountains. The bathroom is also huge with an enormous and deep bathtub as well as a shower. Make sure to watch the video in the end. It’s quite crappy, but gives you a good idea of the room.

The room at Bamboo Leaf Hotel

Situated in the outskirts of Yangshuo, it is an easy 20 minute walk into town. Just walk down the road to your right when exiting the hotel, then keep right until you enter the covered passageway that runs next to the river all the way to Yangshuo. It is lit when dark, but it’s quite creepy if walking alone as we did not meet a single soul when walking back to he hotel at night. Luckily, the hotel offers a free shuttle service to and from the hotel. Please enquire at the reception desk.

The pool and the karst mountains
The passageway along the river

The Bamboo Leaf hotel has a very nice restaurant at the top floor with a large terrace facing the mountains. The breakfast buffet is generous and delicious. Freshly pressed orange juice is not included, but charged to the room. Otherwise, breakfast is all you could ask for. Lunch is also great and one afternoon we share a bottle of wine and a plate of tapas to a very moderate price. The staff is attentive and pleasant. The views are spectacular! Enjoy!

Wine and tapas with a view

We are extremely happy with choosing Bamboo Leaf for our stay in Yangshuo. The city is wild and bustling, so staying at a hotel a bit outside of town is recommended. If you want a pool, it is not possible to get a hotel closer to Yangshuo. Although the pool was quite cold, it was so worth having one. Just make sure to plug in the minibar! The Chinese prefer their drinks luke warm, so very often the minibars are not plugged in. Just a friendly tip! 🙂

Bamboo Leaf Hotel by night

Film time

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