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The area of Röda bergen in Vasastaden in Stockholm is placed within the streets of Karlbergsvägen, Norrbackagatan, Gävlegatan and Sankt Eriksgatan. The name Röda bergen, the Red hills, probably comes from the red granite hills on which the area is built. Join in on a walk through this beautiful neighbourhood!

Series: Hidden Streets in Stockholm. Area: Norrmalm/Vasastaden

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I used to work nearby Röda bergen and spent each lunch break in a park among the red, orange, green and yellow houses. The warmth from these colours could brighten up even the gloomiest of days. Röda bergen is well worth a visit if you find yourself in the area of Vasastaden.

My lunch park in Röda bergen

Take a stroll in the neighbourhood and ponder upon how everyday life would have been like here back in the days. The area was built in the late 1920s for mostly working class families. The architecture of Röda bergen was inspired of Swedish 1700s baroque and emprical design with soft lines and the importance of adapting the buildings to the surrounding terrain.

Warm colours on houses in Röda bergen

In an adjacent area to Röda bergen, a new part of Stockholm is being built called Hagastaden. Two of the most visually impressive buildings are Norra Tornen, the Northern Towers, close to the Karolinska university hospital. Two high rise apartment buildings offering their residents spectacular views over Stockholm.

Norra Tornen

Some find the Northern Towers hideous and in conflict with the older architecture, but I find them to be a futuristic and exciting way of renewing the city. 

The old and new architecture of Vasastaden

As mentioned earlier, the colour palette of the houses in Röda bergen is warm and vigorous. I especially love the terracotta red facades and all the archways that run through the houses combining one quarter to another.

A terracotta red facade
Combining archways in Röda bergen

In 1926, Blomsterfonden foundation opened their first housing for the elderly at Rödabergsgatan 1–3, Sätertäppan 3–5 and Rödabergsbrinken 9–11. It is still in use today and the Blomsterfonden concept also spread to other areas in Stockholm.

Blomsterfonden apartments for the elderly

Smaller balconies are present on some houses, but most quarters have blooming and furnished courtyards and small private parks to be used by residents. Some are also open to the public.

Green parks in Röda bergen

Röda bergen is like a small town within the hectic metropolitan city of Stockholm. Walking around you are cut off from the noises of cars, hurrying people and busy streets. It is an refreshing oasis where your mind can have a break from the alarm of the city.

Beautiful houses in Röda bergen

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