Hong Kong: Metropark Hotel Causeway Bay

We really wanted to stay at a high rise hotel with a roof top pool on our four night stay in Hong Kong. So we chose to live a bit out of the city as affordable hotels with roof top pools are quite limited. We ended up at Metropark Hotel in Causeway Bay. Still quite an easy task to maneuver oneself into the midst of it all with only three metro stations from Central. And what a view from the room and the roof top!

However, due to the awfully dull weather during our stay, we could not put the pool into use even once. The water was freezing cold and even though it was quite warm in the air, dipping our toes was enough. Still, we managed to get some cool pictures from up there at least. But in hindsight, had we known it was going to rain this much, we would have chosen  a hotel in cool Kowloon instead – the one area in Hong Kong that really appealed to us.

A pool with a view

We booked a harbour view room and the slightly higher price was totally worth it. The quite small room had a large window with a stunning view of the surrounding city, its high rises and the harbour with Kowloon on the opposite side. Misty as it was, this view is the reason for choosing this hotel. We had no breakfast included in the price, although we have read that it is quite a tasty and plentiful buffet. So it should be for the high price of 188 HKD per person! We found a nice place for breakfast in the building next door fom the hotel at a cute little green café. 150 HKD for omelette, tea, juice and sandwiches for two.

Our room was on the 16th floor

You get coupons for two complimentary drinks: sodas, wine or beer at the hotel bar, Vic’s Pub, when checking in. It’s open from 4 pm until 1:00 am and 2:00 am on weekends. The restaurant Café du Parc serves lunch and dinner buffets and is open from 06:30 am until midnight. We never used it, but the reviews are quite good.

View across the harbour to Kowloon

The hotel is very close to Victoria Park and the Tin Hau metro station, the bus and tram stop is just a few of minutes away. The surrounding area of Causeway Bay is filled with small shops and restaurants, just continue past Tin Hau station through to Electric Rd and you’re home free. Loads of nice places to eat if you want some place near for dinner.

The hotel, not pretty, but the highest one around
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