Pen’s Bungalows Koh Chang Thailand

We want to stay at White Sand Beach on Koh Chang, partically in the north end of the over two km long beach. And then we find glorious pictures of Pen’s Bungalows sitting right at the beach. But not much information on how and where to book. We manage to find their Facebook page and send a message which is promptly replied to by Pen’s sister Golf. A few messages and a Pay Pal payment later we are booked for four nights at Pen’s Bungalows Koh Chang Thailand.

Pen´s Bungalows, right at the beach

A four minute walk from the beginning of the main (only) road, Pen’s Bungalows is the first in a row of five bohemian wooden bungalows climbing the cliff one meter from the sea. The others are: Star Beach, Chang Bar & Bungalows, Ban na resort, Independentbo and Rock Sand Resort. These are simple and rustic places with wooden huts built on stilts behind small restaurants and bars.

Hotel review
Pen's Bungalows to the right with the red chairs

Cheap, nice and small

Our room is the smallest one we have ever stayed in. No. 2 right behind the restaurant with zero sea view. But for only 1000 baht per night, it is a bargain. Air condition works well, bed is comfy and large and is the only piece of furniture in the room which is 9 sqm. The bathroom is surprisinlgy big and has a shower faucet right next to the toilet, so everything gets wet when showering. The water quickly dries out though in this climate.

Our room, no.2, the left door, right behind the restaurant

You get what you pay for, so: there is no shampoo or soap and no cleaning (which is a bit unexpected as you throw the toilet paper in a bin). On the other hand: the staff is extremely attentive and friendly, the food in the restaurant is nice and generous in size and the location of having breakfast, lunch and dinner right on the beach is magnificent.

Pen’s restaurant seems to the the most popular place on this part of White Sand Beach and we understand why.

The wifi works fine, both in the room, the restaurant and on the beach.

Extra: a small and funny monkey is doing the jitterbug on our roof at 5 am every morning. We only manage to see him once. So far. Edit: there are loads of monkies roaming around in the trees and on the roofs early morning and late afternoon.

If you are not looking for luxury, apart from the luxury of having the perfect stay and vacation, literally living right next to the sea, Pen’s Bungalows Koh Chang Thailand is your place!

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